इंदिरा गांधी हृदय रोग संस्थान, पटना

About Us

Indira Gandhi institute of Cardiology is situated in the heart of Patna in the Patna Medical College Campus.

This is the first specialised Cardiac Care Centre under the Dept. of Health and Medical Welfare Govt of Bihar. This hospital at present is the only pure Cardiology Govt. Hospital in the State of Bihar. The unique feature is that it gives totally free treatment. Patients have to pay only for consumables.

Residents of Bihar with income less than Rs. 2.5 Lacs/ annum are given free care for Pacemaker implantation/ PTCA/ BMV/ CMV/ Valve Replacement / CABG and many other Cardiac procedures.

This hospital started as a separate Department of Cardiology under Dept of medicine, Patna Medical College in 1960. Under the leadership of Prof. Srinivas

It is surprising to know that First Cardiac Cath Lab of Eastern India was installed here in 1970 under the leadership of Dr. Vishnu Jain . Dr. Vishnu Jain had his training in Cardiology at USA at Bufallo University and was the first trained Cardiologist of Bihar having passed the American Board of Cardiology.

In 1974, it was made an independent institute and named Indira Gandhi Institute of Cardiology with Dr. Srinivas as its founder Director. Dr. Srinivas is supposed to be father of Cardiology in Bihar.

In 1980, when Late Dr. Ashok kumar Thakur, returned from UK with training in Cardiology from Manchester University. He was almost single handedly instrumental in bringing back this institute in its old building. With the active support from the Government of Bihar, Dr. Thakur established CCU, TMT and ECHO lab and a modest Cath Lab. Pacemaker implantation and closed Heart Surgery with Dr. S. N. Ojha as the Cardiac Surgeon were also started.

Since then it has not looked back and after Dr. A.K. Thakur under the leadership of Dr. R.K. Agrawal, Dr. S.N. Mishra and Dr. Harendra Kumar, it has made tremendous progress.

Modern Cardiac Cath Lab and Open Heart Surgery facilities were established with financial support from Coal India Ltd in 1999.

Like any other growing institution, it requires further development and a new ten stored building is under construction. After the building operational this is likely to become a state of art cardiac centre in Bihar.